About Hympala

At Hympala, we're not just creating a store – we're building a hub where creativity, innovation, and community come to life. Redefining Belgium's streetwear scene, we’ve evolved from a small cultural hub emphasizing sneakers and lifestyle to a dynamic, ever-evolving space that embodies our core values.

Who are we?

Hympala is a dynamic hub where creativity, innovation, and community come together in the heart of Belgium's streetwear scene. We started as a small store focusing on sneakers and lifestyle and have evolved into a space that embodies our values while offering a unique and memorable retail experience.

Our journey is driven by a passion for streetwear culture and the desire to empower individuals to express their style. From exclusive drops to immersive in-store experiences, we’ve created a destination where fashion enthusiasts can connect, create, and inspire each other. We proudly showcase our own Hympala brand alongside a curated mix of emerging and established labels, making us the go-to spot for the trendsetting community.

Our mission

At Hympala, our mission is to redefine retail through creativity, innovation, and community. We aim to empower individuality by providing a diverse mix of brands and exclusive releases, allowing our young, streetwear-enthused audience to express their unique style. Our vision is to offer an immersive, innovative retail experience that aligns with our values, featuring visually appealing designs and engaging in-store events that keep our community connected. We also strive to foster a vibrant community space where people can share their passion for streetwear culture through collaborations, events, and partnerships with local artists and creators.