HYMPALA is a brand founded in 2019 out of the love and curiosity for the culture and life around Sneakers, Fashion, Art and Music.

Hympala Logo


Through our own Hympala Label we can creatively transform our curiosity for new things, and our passion for heritage into items. A mix between full apparel collections or just that one special thing is being released on a regular cadence. Some items are meant to never run out of stock, and some things are made in very limited runs and sells out on launch. 

Our ethos is deeply rooted in the Hympala spirit — a blend of laid-back vibes, confident styles, and creative energy. We celebrate individuality, encouraging each person to embrace their unique story and style. Hympala is about creating an iconic label that resonates with the free spirits, the trendsetters, the visionaries. It's a platform where fashion meets passion, and every piece tells a story.


What began as a modest endeavor in the heart of Belgium's vibrant streets has now evolved into a unique retail experience, synonymous with innovation and style. At Hympala, every visit is a journey through the latest and most sought-after collections in streetwear and high fashion. Our store is a treasure trove of rare finds and iconic pieces, where each item is carefully selected to resonate with our discerning clientele.
We proudly showcase an eclectic mix of brands, ranging from emerging designers to established fashion powerhouses. Expect to find exclusive releases, limited edition collaborations, and timeless essentials that define the urban eclectic aesthetic. From cutting-edge streetwear labels to classic sneaker silhouettes, Hympala is a destination for those who seek the extraordinary in fashion.
Our commitment to blending the physical and digital realms of retail ensures a seamless and immersive shopping experience. Since our inception, we've embraced the power of technology, offering our customers innovative ways to connect with our collections, whether in-store or online.
Discover the Hympala difference — a place where fashion, art, and community converge. Stay ahead of the curve with our curated selections that go beyond the conventional, offering a glimpse into the future of retail and lifestyle.