Who Are We?

Hympala Store was established as in 2019. A team of creative individuals around the founder Geneau Lambrichts, with a heart for premium quality streetwear products and innovative design, grew to define the store and culture.

Selected designers, limited edition sneakers and accessories with a special story define our assortment. We have always looked beyond the horizon to provide the customer with a unique shopping experience both in-store and online. To create worlds, to surprise the customer, to understand retail as such, especially during the digital developments, was and is our goal.

This being said, we want to offer our customers a well curated brand mixture influenced by culture and not only through the current trends of fashion.

Our Mission

To give the possibility to all the amateurs, the impassioned and the curious of sneakers and streetwear to buy the limited products which they like in all confidence.

The pairs that Hympala Store offers are, for the most part, instantly out of stock when they are released in stores and on traditional websites. They are then resold new on a secondary market at much higher prices because the demand exceeds the offer. To propose its products, Hympala has created a network of several thousands of partner retailers in Europe.

New and Authentic

Before arriving in your hands, all products go through a quality and authenticity check: every detail, from the labels to the seams, is carefully examined to ensure that the product you receive is new, authentic and free of defects.