Tommy Jeans x SUPERVSN

Tommy Hilfiger Joins Forces with SUPERVSN Studios to Celebrate Emerging Creativity

Tommy Hilfiger and the Los Angeles-based artistic collective, Supervsn Studios, have come together to unveil a capsule collection that celebrates the innovative spirit of the new generation. Named "Tommy x Supervsn," this unique partnership pays homage to the community-centric ethos of both brands, weaving a "Mosaic of American Culture" that underscores the diversity integral to American fashion. Gavin Mathieu, the visionary behind Supervsn, founded his enterprise with the mission to magnify the creative voices of marginalized communities through groundbreaking product designs, compelling content, and immersive experiences. Tommy Hilfiger, who also initiated a cultural epicenter with his debut store, People's Place, first crossed paths with Mathieu on Instagram. Mathieu recounts the unforgettable moment when he received a direct message from Tommy Hilfiger himself. "Tommy reached out to express his admiration for what we were doing at Supervsn. We stayed in contact, and eventually, he visited my studio to discuss the possibility of a collaboration," Mathieu shared. Mathieu, who grew up donning Tommy Hilfiger apparel, considers him an icon in American fashion. "When I discovered Tommy's origin story in the fashion world, I realized we had striking similarities. Both of us launched our retail spaces to spotlight and elevate the creative endeavors of our friends. We share a profound commitment to community engagement and aim to inspire people to dream big through our brands. This collaboration was an opportunity to create something meaningful for my community," he added.
Echoing Mathieu's sentiments, Hilfiger stated, "Supervsn embodies the promise of a brighter future by uplifting diverse talents. We are thrilled to introduce a collection that is driven by community and unyielding optimism." The collection features nine oversized, relaxed-fit pieces that encapsulate the laid-back vibe of Los Angeles. The lineup includes shorts that blend camouflage and tie-dye patterns, T-shirts and French terry hoodies that reimagine the classic Tommy logo to reflect the Pan-African flag, and workwear jackets adorned with iconic TH branding. Additionally, a series of tops carry the empowering message, "Trust The VSN, Not The Algorithm," urging people to trust their creative instincts. The "Tommy x Supervsn" collection is set to drop on July 10 and will be available here.