Introducing TWOJEYS: A Revolutionary Unisex Jewelry Brand

The Birth of TWOJEYS Founded by Joan and Biel, TWOJEYS emerged from a shared passion and creative spirit. This journey began with a transformative road trip from Las Vegas to Palm Springs, culminating at Coachella. With over 100 product sketches and brand strategies in tow, Joan and Biel, both 23 years old and with backgrounds steeped in creativity and entrepreneurship, launched TWOJEYS on July 29th, 2019​​. Brand Philosophy and Growth TWOJEYS stands out as a unisex brand, breaking the conventional dichotomy of the jewelry industry. It caters to both genders, offering designs that are both boyish and appealing to cool girls. This innovative approach has not only been successful but also essential in paving the way for their global brand aspirations​​. Since its inception, TWOJEYS has experienced phenomenal growth. What started as a two-person operation has expanded to a team of over 30, allowing Joan and Biel to focus more on the creative aspects of the brand​​. Product Highlights One of their standout pieces is the 'Not Happy Not Sad Necklace,' which encapsulates the brand's uniqueness and appeal. The Cuban chain, another key item, pays homage to the hip-hop jewelry movement, blending tradition with modern sensibilities​​. Leveraging Social Media and Community Engagement Social media has played a pivotal role in the brand's growth, helping TWOJEYS capture its audience with a lifestyle that embodies freedom and risk-taking. Joan and Biel have leveraged this medium to build a community around their brand, engaging with their followers through authentic and spontaneous communication​​. Strategic Expansion and Vision TWOJEYS is firmly focused on international expansion. The brand plans to continue opening pop-up stores across Europe and collaborate with international brands and artists. This strategy is underpinned by their commitment to reaching new audiences and creating a global presence​​​​. Diversification and Inspirations Apart from jewelry, TWOJEYS has ventured into clothing, seamlessly integrating these with their jewelry line. This expansion reflects the brand's versatile and adaptive nature​​. The founders draw inspiration from pop and urban culture, as well as the American motor racing world of the 70s and 80s, infusing these elements into their designs​​​​. Unique Experiences and Future Outlook In an effort to offer unique experiences, TWOJEYS transformed a 1950's boat into a 'villa at sea' for their community, creating a magical and surreal experience between Ibiza and Formentera​​​​. Looking ahead, TWOJEYS envisions itself as a timeless, global brand, collaborating with artists and brands that align with their mission and values. They aim to be a trusted name in men's jewelry, recognized for filling a unique niche in the market​​. In summary, TWOJEYS isn't just a brand; it's a lifestyle. With their innovative approach, engaging community activities, and expansion strategies, they are poised to revolutionize the jewelry industry and capture hearts globally.
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