Corteiz and Nike Will Release an Official Collaboration

London-based streetwear brand Corteiz is launching its first major brand collaboration with Nike.

The logo of the London-based streetwear brand Corteiz took over Niketown's frontage last night, indicating that a partnership between Corteiz and Nike may indeed be coming soon.

The Corteiz Alcatraz logo was quickly posted online by people who noticed it on the front of Oxford Street's most well-known store, with the main assumption being that it was yet another example of Clint419's guerrilla marketing techniques. For instance, the company attracted a lot of attention after its Bolo Exchange and a 99p cargo drop, both of which sent fans into a complete frenzy.

However, after much speculation, it has now been confirmed that the move is an official collaboration with Nike.



Corteiz has established itself as the master of keeping its fans interested thanks to its guerilla marketing strategies. And even though the designs—which typically range from tracksuits to T-shirts to outerwear and accessories—typically retail for affordable prices, it hasn't stopped celebrities like Drake, who recently posted pictures of himself wearing a "DA SKYDIVE" jacket, from drawing attention to them.


The partnership between Corteiz and Nike is scheduled to debut in the upcoming months, and it will be the brand's biggest commercial move since its founding in 2017. While working on clothing collaborations with UK rap stars Central Cee and Meekz, Clint419's label has already made connections with fellow London-based streetwear label Soho Yacht Club and Nigerian imprint, Motherlan.

Nike has declined to comment on additional information regarding the partnership, building on a number of high-profile partnerships with brands like Stüssy and Jacquemus.