New scandal for MSCHF

This time the art collective collaborates with the rapper Tyga for the shoe with oversized sole. The latter had also teaser the pair during the release of his video clip Freaky Deaky. A creation frowned upon by the equipment manufacturer Vans, which filed a complaint on April 14 in the District Court of New York against the collective. The company claims that this advertising campaign intentionally confuses consumers of Vans. A ploy that would allow them to appropriate the sales of the Californian brand, or even to remove their property rights.

The American art collective MSCHF is in trouble again. The preview of the pair "Wavy Baby" has earned them a lawsuit from the company Vans. It believes that the collective has copied in a "blatant and unmistakable" the Vans Old Skool. Back on a case that makes waves.

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The collective retaliates At the sight of the lawsuit, Daniel Greenberg, the co-founder of MSCHF publishes a statement on his website. For them, this is simply their creative expression and love for sneakers. "It's not a shoe for skateboarding but the platonic ideal of it (...) Wavy Baby is a complete deformation of an entire object". It highlights the fact that companies all take inspiration from others, to create the silhouette of their sneakers. According to MSCHF, Vans even approached the collective to agree on the terms of the release, asking for half the profits and 4 pairs from the collaboration. The collective closes its post by stating that in its 50-year history, Vans has never received so much attention for a preview release. The "Wavy Baby" will be released on April 18.

wavy baby

In 2021, MSCHF was already attacked by Nike, after the release of its Air Max 97 "Satan Shoes" in collaboration this time with the singer Lil Nas X. The latter had created the event with his single Montero (Call Me By Your Name) where we saw him descend into hell on a pole dance bar. It remains to be seen if the collective will provoke new trials in the future...

Photo credits: MSCHF